LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) – 7 Myths Floating About On The Internet

Caution: LGD-4033 (Ligandrol or Anabolicum) has not been accepted by FDA for human consumption.

Since the popularity of any performance enhancing drug increases, more and more people jump to it.

So much so that it will become the buzzword for everything good.

And the facts about the drug start to become muddled. A healthy dose of no science has been thrown in along with rehashed information and soon, you have just myths floating around.

Anavar was among the first drugs this occurred with. Dianabol followed suit.

For a while, we had been naïve enough to believe SARMS would be spared. But that is not the case.

LGD-4033 or Anabolicum or Ligandrol is just one of the latest entrants to the’Bro-science hall of fame’.

Recently, there’s been a deluge of blog articles and messaging board threads around Ligandrol, all which are obviously predicated on hearsay.

People adding their two cents to what they may have heard or read about the compound and encouraging it as the holy grail.

Nowadays, we’re going to do some myth busting. After a great deal of research, we have handpicked that which we believe are the best 7 myths about Ligandrol on the internet.

Here goes.

#1 — Ligandrol Is A Pure Bulking Compound.

Far from it. Ligandrol is such a strong chemical that most people end up gaining 8-10 lbs. during an 8-week cycle, which makes them feel that it is a pure self-healing chemical.

But the applications of Ligandrol are not limited to bulking cycles. We’ve used it during aggressive cuts and also during body recomposition piles to good effect.

Unlike what is believed, we did not gain a boatload of glycogen and water. In fact, we have thinner and more cerebral.

Do not expect that, did you? We’ll discuss the significance of dialing your diet down in a bit and also about controlling the bloat as you are on Ligandrol.

#2 — LGD-4033 Isn’t As Powerful As RAD-140

Another myth likely caused due to a botched up batch of the chemical that some kid ordered from a shady supplier.

Always order from a reputed SARMS supplier like Proven Peptides.

Coming to the stage, LGD-4033 is among the most powerful SARMS that’s been created. It increases strength, lean muscle and accelerates fat loss.

In fact, milligram by milligram, it’s believed to be more powerful than even testosterone.

However, SARMS affect people differently.

Many people locate RAD-140 to be somewhat Trenbolone like. They get lean, ripped and strong.

Others swear by Ligandrol.

So it depends on how you respond to the medication more than anything else.

#3 — Anabolicum Is Unsuccessful And Also A Complete Waste of Cash

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A complete contrast to the earlier statement. If this was really accurate, then Anabolicum would not make it to Stage II of human clinical trials.

These articles are created by those who buy fake or under dosed SARMS, by guys using SARMS with exaggerated expectations or by steroid users that locate SARMS to be feeble when compared with multi-compound stacks.

The truth is that Anabolicum was clinically shown to increase lean muscle mass even at incredibly low doses like 2mg/day.

Most users who use it for performance enhancement utilize it in 10mg/day. Some even increase it to 20mg/day, even though we don’t suggest it.

Stick into 5mg/day and you will get fantastic results. Once you have a few 5mg cycles below your belt, then you can think about ramping the dose up to 10mg/day or perhaps 15mg/day.

#4 — Ligandrol Doesn’t Cause Any Unwanted Effects

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It does.

On the other hand, the side effects are not as harsh as what even a mild dose of anabolic steroids could cause.

The top side effect is suppression. Even at low doses LGD-4033 has been known to suppress endogenous testosterone production by as much as 50%.

Your LH levels will even dip.

Your HDL levels will go down along with total triglyceride levels.

It doesn’t aromatize. But an overall suppression of total testosterone can result in a hormone imbalance, that in turn, can boost Estrogen levels.

So, we’d recommend that you maintain some Nolva handy. If you observe any symptoms of an Estrogen flare up, like itching on your nipples or discoloration, utilize it.

On a positive note, there’s absolutely no liver toxicity. It doesn’t cause androgenic side effects such as balding. Nor does this harm your HPTA to the extent that steroids do. Even with no PCT, you ought to be able to recover completely within 4-6 weeks provided that your HPTA is not damaged because of previous steroid usage.

#5 — You Need PCT with Every LGD-4033 Cycle

Well, that depends on how you react to the medication.

Always conduct bloodwork before and following any SARMS cycle.

In this manner, you know how difficult the suppression hit you.

A lot of time, the suppression is really mild and you can get away with no full-fledged PCT. Your hormone levels should return to baseline within a few weeks depending on

However, if you are severely suppressed and/or if you would like to hasten the recovery procedure, you can certainly do a gentle PCT using Nolvadex. And you need to be OK.

But if your bloodwork signals that the suppression is ordinary, then don’t utilize PCT drugs.

#6 — The Benefits That You Make Throughout A Ligandrol Cycle Will Mainly Be Glycogen and Water

Again, that is dependent upon how you respond to the drug. Some people have blood pressure problems with Ligandrol which in turn may result in water retention.

But, this appears to be dose dependent.

If you taper down the dose a tad, you need to be able to control the bloat.

Also, it’s vital that you dial down your diet before you begin a SARM cycle. Fine tuning your macros can help reduce bloat from the abdominal area.

Should you eat depending on your objectives and lift heavy, you should be able to gain at least 4-6 pounds. Of lean muscle throughout the cycle, which is phenomenal for anything .

#7 — The Perfect LGD-4033 Cycle Length Is 12-Weeks

Sorry to sound like a broken record. Nonetheless, it depends. Some users run Ligandrol to get 12-weeks at super low doses, such as 2-5mg/day and make great gains.

Others just conduct the effin tank in 20mg/day for 6-weeks and also make adequate gains as well.

Personally, we’d recommend you don’t run more than 5mg/day for your first few cycles rather than over 8-weeks length.

The gains begin to taper off pretty fast after that.

Closing thoughts

Don’t let myths fool you into doing anything wrong during your maiden SARMS cycle.

Do your research. Buy from a trusted provider similar to this one.

And enjoy the ride.